Hi friends, I’m glad you’re here!

I live in Atlanta, GA with my sweet hubs, Carlos and we love doing life together. We have been married for three years now and are expecting a little boy in October! You can usually find us playing music, at almost any coffee shop (got to get that caffeine am I right?) or enjoying nature together. Something odd about me: I live a gluten-free and mostly dairy-free lifestyle due to allergies, but it makes for creativity and exploration in the kitchen! I used to think my world would literally end if I couldn't eat the cakes, the ice cream, the pastries (no joke, yo), but now I enjoy eating a healthier, clean, plant-based diet. Don't get me wrong though, I love me some gluten free donuts from Sprouts! In my free time I love to cuddle on my comfy, perfectly-broken-in leather couch and read, drink my yummy kombucha (most people don't know what this is), explore mountain trails with my adorable pitty puppy and create new, to-die-for recipes in the kitchen. 

I love photography. I don't view my job as something I have to do, but as something I get to do. I have been in the field for about three years now and I learn something new every day. Beauty is everywhere just waiting to be discovered. Every one is beautiful and is unique. I absolutely love that idea. When I shoot, I want to capture the individual, unique beauty that is you, you and your boo, your family or your company. I want to get to know you, like really get to know you. You, that is what makes your pictures beautiful and you should take pride in your individuality. I am in the business of capturing authenticity and the beauty you bring to the world. This means a lot to me and it is something that I protect in my field. 

I want to capture the real you, the raw moments. But to do that, you’ve got to feel comfortable and feel at ease to express yourself in an authentic way. That's what I do. I strive to bring that out in you and capture your true self on camera. My shooting style is the interactive-talking-to-you-behind-the-camera kind of style. That’s because I know it can be super uncomfortable to have a camera all up in your face. But, trust me to carry that part and allow yourself to relax and be in the moment. I don't just want you to remember the experience by the pictures, but also by the sweet moments that were shared in between the shots between you and your boo. I am all about creating memories that last a lifetime. So if you book with me, get ready for a lot of laughs and hilarious prompts. It’ll be a blast.