Young Newborn

Although some might disagree with me, newborn sessions are some of my favorite. I don't get to do them as often, but every time I get the chance, I walk away in awe and wonder. 

There is such an intimacy and beauty that I get to be a part of when I enter someone's home and capture their life, reality and environment. It is humbling, in fact, that I have that opportunity and that people trust me enough to let me into that special place in their hearts. 

Why yes, there are a lot of tears and countless screaming episodes and yes, sometimes we have to stop for a feeding or to change a dirty diaper; but, the fact remains that true beauty is found in the mundane. It isn't only found in the "grand" moments of life. No, it is in the everyday, in the tasks that we perform day-in and day-out that nobody sees. 

When I capture a little one's first pictures, I get to experience that beauty and I get a little peek into the life of parenthood and parenting a dear child. It is truly humbling, special, unique and inspiring. The fact remains that this little one is dearly loved, deeply cherished and eternally fought for. I get to witness the passionate, persisting, fierce and unfailing love that parents have for their children and it inspires me. 

 Recently, I have learned to find beauty in the everyday, in the unseen. It doesn't make the tasks of the day any less important if no one sees what you've accomplished. In fact, it is hard to live life not parading around our accomplishments, only showing the good things or things that make us feel better about ourselves. No, I have found that the unseen is a beautiful and not often sought nor found place where we get to live and experience life as it was meant to be lived. It is better to live a life where I don't strive to be "seen" and where I choose to live "unseen" and find my confidence there. Living "unseen" is beautiful way of life and it is where I believe flourish. 

Thank you to these sweet parents who demonstrated this way of living to me.