Stephen + Brooke // Engagement

It was a beautiful morning on the lake with these two beauts! Stephen and Brooke seem like such a special couple. The entire session was full of laughter, joy, love and silliness. Oh and SARCASM (these kids have sass!). It was so fun to watch the two of them together.

Sometimes, it can be uncomfortable for models at sessions and it can be difficult for them to relax and act natural. I understand the struggle of having someone invade your personal space with a camera saying, "Oh stay there, that looks great. Now move your head. A little to the right, a little more, perfect. You guys look SO great. No seriously, like SO GREAT". But Stephen and Brooke seemed completely comfortable and even unaware of the camera's obnoxious clicks. Instead they seemed so in love to the point where they only noticed each other. It was so beautiful to behold!

Congratulations to you two! I seriously cannot wait to capture your wedding.