Douglas + Ryley // Engagement

This was by far one of my FAV sights I've ever shot at! IT WAS STUNNING. The perfect couple, the sunset, the scenery. It made this session. We all felt like we were on top of the world and there couldn't have been a better place to photograph these two! We climbed up the mountain and had enough time to explore and take an insane amount of silly photos before sunset hit. It was perfect. 

I met Ryley in college when we were just awkward, insecure freshman looking for friends. Little did we know that that would begin a lifelong friendship. Each moment with these two was beautiful. I have never seen a couple so mad for each other. It was refreshing to see this kind of true love. Raw. Wild. Deep. Intimate. Vulnerable. Silly. Passionate. Sacrificial. When I would take a second to adjust my settings, they would be content just to sneak a couple more kisses in. I love this couple! 

I cannot express how much of a difference it makes when people feel comfortable around the camera. That is my job. To make people feel normal around my giant, machine looking device! That is my goal. But these two, woah. They definitely did not mind me at all!