Smith Elopement + Gender Reveal

Smith Elopement + Gender Reveal

I had the privilege of capturing one of the sweetest moments in time last week at an elopement session. Amanda and Chad committed their lives to one another alongside their beautiful Bloodhound, Georgia and, at the same time, found out the gender of their precious baby! There was just nothing more beautiful than that. 

It was so humbling to watch this couple promise to love each other through the good and the bad, through the easy and the difficult, through seasons of fear and seasons of joy, through moments of struggle and moments of victory, through sickness and through health, through the drought and through plentiful rainfall, it was an honor to witness these individuals promise to hold and keep each other through it all. 

This is why photography means so much to me. It's not just about capturing the picture, it's about capturing the emotion and the intimate moments behind the shot. I believe this is what makes the pictures I take real and vulnerable. This elopement was a testament to why I love what I do. I felt so special getting to enter into Amanda and Chad's intimate moment and experience it with them, tears, laughter and all. I am incredibly humbled by their love, sacrifice, bravery and vulnerability. I will be forever changed by these two individuals. (And Georgia, obviously. Look at that face!) 

Thank you, Amanda and Chad, for this opportunity and for trusting me enough to allow me to come into your precious moment. You both will be wonderful parents to your baby girl!

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